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Billions of public vessels of the initiative taken money

Making public the name of the vessel Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) cycle unworthy of a large amount of money through the organization has taken the initiative. He did not follow the rules of the hurriedly without proper approval from the cabinet contain numerous realm is purchased. The organization is trying to create the vessels of the company in the past several vessels were purchased, but it is still dakei.In order to draw the attention of vessels to dissipate the meaning of the Cabinet Division secretary , Secretary of the Ministry of Shipping , Directorate General of Shipping and implementation , monitoring and implementation of the Director-General has submitted barabara charge . There was also concerned about the negative reaction BIWTA . BIWTA sources the information is known .

According to sources, BIWTA June this year for a total of 8 vessels and the tender deadline was July 19. At that time, the festival has extended the time for submission of bids, despite 9 days off. Moreover, PPR tender in 2008 was not followed properly. Even the tender notice in the pre-tender meeting was an opportunity. Such tenders in accordance with the standard tender documents is very important to pre-tender meeting.If consultation between all interested bidders and the procuring entity would be open and competitive bid to determine. Meeting of the company applying for the pre-tender, but the authorities did not respond. Guchate blue design cycle, rather than the consequence of an incompetent institution considered eligible. The organization is unable to fulfill the terms of the tender. Still controversial tender procedure is approved by the institution of vessels.

Sources said a BIWTA tugboats , Creighton 5 small boats, cranes 5 small boats , a house boat , barge carrying pipe 3 , a self- propela barge floated a tender for the purchase of two , and the ball socket . But as the experience of bidder in the tender for the creation of 8 Vessel Class 1 two classes in particular should have experience in developing vessels . Under the terms of the tender has not been released , but a large scale .3, with the exception of two tenderers participating in the tender , only one company in particular was issued . The bid submitted by the company’s nearly 15 million more than the other two tenderers . However, unscrupulous vessel planned to build the institutions of their choice desperate .

The chosen companies BIWTA investigation pathologically Three-Angle Marine Ltd. Class 1 vessels supplying the flowers do not have any experience. Special emphasis is given to the condition of the tender. Moreover, the company has already made the BIWTA 9 and the supply of small-sized class vessels ordered. But until now it was not possible to supply these vessels and done. Instead, the company is left undone dakaiyardei.However, based on false medical report was issued to the firms supplying vessels again .
In this regard, the project director BIWTA Additional Chief Engineer ( dejim ) Athar Ali , he could not be tried more than once to the government .

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