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Bring your own thing in the 10 , where the girls will not leave you !

No man did not want to become a favorite with the girls ? Are you sure you want to love women . I wanted to be , but not anymore . I like women like you to build your own . The girls become beloved in your will bring at least 10 times . Then you will love the girls . Take a glance at it , girls in choledera like 10 times .


1) freedom – freedom if you do not the girls, however, he would like to do?

Ii) all intents and purposes you must be almost perfect. You will not be perfect. But you can be seen in those strivings.

3) you must be a good listener. Girls like to talk. So if you have not heard his words, then why would he like you?

4) You must have a good buddhimatra. Who else would like fools! You must be intelligent.

5) you must have a very good sense of humor.

6) You must have your ayambisana life. If you do not want to own anything garatei, then another girl, how do you trust!

7) I see that you are going to get better. No matter you are at least a little sajiya manage yourself, then women will be preferred.

8) the ability to understand the other is. It would be stupid girls. But you want to understand him. Not necessarily!

9) in that he has the courage to safety. If you think that he should be next to you, he is safe

10) And of course, you must be passionate about . Not only will the girls like you .

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