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Corruption will stop the use of online government procurement .

Regarding the purchase of the irregularities against government institutions . However, for a long time to come to embezzlement , corruption of various kinds tender ending trade is going to happen . The government is going out of paper instead of online shopping . In the process, the contractors can work at home all the tenders .As well as the automated tender offer , contract management and e – pementasaha the evaluation of many things in a short time , are expected to be easily coordinated . Although the implementation of the four government bodies are currently testing the e- tendering all government tenders going online from next December .

According to sources, in December this year, all ministries and departments are already preparing to bring forward the e-GP is under the Ministry of Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) under the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU). Including the preparation of high-capacity data center in September to finish setting up.According to sources , the e-tendering conducting contacts with the training program has been started . Contractors training program is underway . These activities also include the ongoing pilot project to accelerate the current target of 4 agencies at the district level through the lab has been allocated for setting up required . This training will be conducted in the lab contractors .

Sipitiiute non-governmental organizations involved in the implementation of e-zip dohatekao contractors are conducting training. The establishment of an authority to increase the capacity of sipitiiuyera CPTU has begun thinking about. The company is currently implementing the Ministry of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) under the regulatory unit is working. Which can only conduct monitoring activities; But can not give any instructions.In this regard, former Secretary of IMED (now the Ministry of Textiles and Jute Secretary) Dr Shahid Ullah, said the 016 will be the government of all online purchases. The tender process would be resolved various complexities. You will save costs and time. The Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) system for the effective implementation of government procuring agencies is vital, as well as training for contractors. The work is being conducted.

According to sources, increasing the capacity of the e-GP (Electronic Government Procurement) program. Central Procurement Technical Unit of the Ministry of Planning (CPTU) implemented pipiarapi II (revised) project is being purchased more capacity New Data Center. This will increase the capacity of the establishment. As a result, in all phases of the procurement activities of government agencies are being taken to make digital or e-GP.In this regard, has already sent a letter to Finance Minister AMA Muhith, Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal to the DO. He also highlighted the details of such tenders to bring digital system. Sipitiiuyera director Faruk Hossain said on the subject, will be a milestone in building a digital Bangladesh. All government agencies operating in the country of purchase and the online processing of tenders is a groundbreaking step. We are working to implement it.

CPTU sources , contractors and consultants together until the middle of last month, a total of 19 thousand 682 people have registered e – subscribers . 236 33 ministries and departments of the two institutions has been added to public purchasers . The country ‘s more than 700 branches of 40 banks, 1 e – subscribers have signed up for the service . In addition, there are 5 registered a development partner .These are: the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), UNICEF, China and the Netherlands. On January 15, 011 since the thousands of e-GP 1 783 under the agreement. The total financial implications of which 30 billion. The registration fee and tender documents till January CPTU sales earned Rs 59 crore from the e-GP system, through which the shipment has been submitted to the government.

According to the Ministry of Planning, Finance Minister AMA Muhith recently DO letter sent to the Planning, to improve the overall progress of the implementation of e-GP, but still above 50 crore and 10 crore over the functions of the product and the intellectual and professional service did not begin the approval of the purchase. That is more than 50 crore require the approval of the cabinet committee on public procurement.So e-subscribers to purchase up to limit the activities of the committee as well as the ratification of the Prime Minister for online sisijipira a special meeting to discuss the most effective way to develop asked. Meanwhile, the increase in the value of purchases for the government to build good relations between the government and the tenders are being formed across the country as an initiative of the Government and Contractor Forum dialogue forum or purchase. 3 has already been established in this forum.Through the purchase of government procuring agencies and contractors involved in this process of mutual understanding between the public purchase , exchange views and experiences in ways that will create a problem .CPTU sources Public Procurement Reform Project II ( pipiarapi II) under the Central Procurement Technical Unit ( CPTU ) Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division ( IMED ) , the Ministry of Planning and the Bangladesh Centre for Communication Programs ( bisisipi ) with the help of electronics Government Procurement ( e – GP) is implementing awareness and communication activities .CPTU the purchasers and the public procurement tender process is equally important . Timely and successfully to agreements between the two sides is necessary to establish a trust relationship .

Rights and responsibilities of both parties to the agreement. Πthe border to defend the terms of the agreement to be able to establish good relations between purchasers and tendararera will facilitate the successful implementation of the agreement. He CPTU all districts of the purchasers and the tender for the purchase is helping to build a dialogue forum. Tendararaganai purchasers of the institutions and members of the forum. This dynamic will be more effective if the public procurement activities. The rights and liabilities of the two sides met through the development of relations would be ensured.Social awareness and communication program at the district level of government purchasers and contractors who purchased the work has already begun to establish a dialogue forum . The use of the online community has welcomed prominent personalities in government procurement . They are hoping that , with the introduction of this program for a long time to come to a disciplined and systematic irregularities will be closed and the section will be turned on .

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