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What is your fellow mental patient ? 1 Understand SYMPTOMS

To work with your colleagues , or if the facility is not often he was very disappointed with the negative behavior ? In such circumstances , if your co-worker is not a mental problem , without knowing it. May have emotional problems because of the hostile colleagues . 1 This article is the sign , when you understand that the fellow was a psychopath . According to a report in Business Insider .

1 . He was always the pessimist behavior , which does not upset the carefully. Pessimist dealing the case may be . Yet another example might be the dhbansacesta . That is a subject rather than destroy such people among you may be interested .

2. Saikopyathara comfortable enough to present himself adept presentation sound fake . Normal conversation, they can present to keep himself hidden psychological problems . However, their depth is less . Many of the discussion is the idea that man is good enough for a few people and tidy .

3. Saikopyathara imagination to think of himself as a person who often himself. They often live in fantasy kingdom. For this reason, the power center of the world, as many imagine to yourself.

4. Saikopyathara pathological liar liar can be pyathalajikyali. They lie about the passion. It lies in the fact that due to their inaccuracy can be.

5. People who live in this kind of parasitic parasitic mentally. They often think only about himself. They are not interested at all in thinking about others. And because they do not tolerate any criticism about their lives.

6. People often cunning, crafty and self-serving and self-serving types are similar. For this reason, they often do not present an accurate picture of any matter presented his invention. In addition, they have a high opinion of himself, because often took refuge in lies.

7. People suffer from behavioral problems such as severe behavior problems. For this reason, often become victims of their peers embarrassing. Karmaksetei others just do not treat them bad, behavior outside the work environment due to various reasons, they were criticized.

8. This kind of confession, and the lack of humor People do not want to admit their own mistakes at all. In addition, to demonstrate their lack of humor. For this reason, many of these people do not like.

9. People living in the fantasy world of the long-term target is unrealistic to their long-term goals are often unrealistic. As a result, they can not understand themselves, but within the bounds of a given.

10. Such people have emotional problems unusual passion. In that case, the other people will be overwhelming they never expressed any sense at all. Again, do not feel any interest in any of the cases where they are emotionally, while others became emotional.

11 . This kind of humor without losing their temper can not hold . Examples can be seen in their little restraint . The mood suddenly lost due to a minor can be very angry .

1 . Although there are many types of this kind of law for the people outside the law themselves outside the law , he said. And because they see others obey the law even if they are not willing to abide by the law .

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