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Haryana , India jatha protests : 10 killed

Haryana, India’s lower jatha community violence death toll has risen to 10 . Hundreds more were injured in the incident and a half .

Other communities in the field of fair employment opportunities , and movement on the seventh day of jathadera demanding quota has been reached.

According to a report in The Times of India, Bhiwani and sonipata violence has spread to new districts. At least two police patrol in the district, many shops, ATM booths have been torched by protesters.
State police chief oyaipi Singh, on Saturday night Rohtak, Bhiwani districts and jhajara most violence. According to the police, so far, 10 people were killed and 150 were injured in the violence. Saturday night, however, so far no casualties, police said.

As a result of the ongoing movement jathadera severe water crisis in Delhi . Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Sunday , the remaining water in Delhi is no longer in use , and the crisis will continue for at least another two days . Giver of all schools in the state have been ordered closed until Monday .

Meanwhile, according to a report ND, jathadera turbulent protests Rohtak, Haryana, Bhiwani, sonepata, jhajara, and Hansi in Hisar district, the curfew is in force. Haryana protest jatha rail system breaks down. Seven hundred trrenera schedule has been canceled. Since the start of the demonstration, protesters torched at least seven stations.
Haryana, the 17th member of the para-military forces have been deployed. In addition, the extra five thousand armed policemen, including members of the security forces are deployed.

Various organizations and other minorities in government jobs in Haryana since last Friday as protests demanding a quota of people jatha community . The BJP government ‘s claims can be considered jathadera ; However, the ongoing protests if the government does not hold talks .

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