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Luxury cell life !!! You will be surprised to read …

It was accused of drug trafficking in a prison cell dagi.

There are people in jail authorities akkelaguruma! Who is the hole, he three-bedroom luxury suites! Relaxed toilets, kitchen, air conditioning equipment, library has everything. This is luxury living, who was sentenced to eight years, he was the most dangerous man Jarvis cimenesa pabhao Brazilian drug trafficking. He seems to be a South American drug traffickers strategy

শোয়ার জন্য ছিল আরামদায়ক বিছানা। পাশেই ব্যায়ামের যন্ত্রপাতি। ছবি: এএফপি

Pabhaoyera money laundering case was sentenced to eight years.

Since then, he lives in Paraguay’s capital, Asunción, the room takumbu prison.

Recently, the prison authorities raided a powerful bomb recovered in Paraguay. When the information comes out. Paraguay penology moving down the incident. However, using plastic explosives were trying to escape hole in the prison wall pabhaoyera.

ডাইনিং রুমে ছিল ফ্রিজ। খেতে খেতে টিভি দেখার জন্য ছিল বড় পর্দার প্লাজমা টিভি। পাশেই দেয়াল জুড়ে বইয়ের সমাহার। ছবি: এএফপি

Pabhaoyera to be released next year .

But then again, he went to Brazil for drug trafficking case to be imprisoned .
Laura akasuso pabhaoyera lawyer told reporters his client from the quarters of these facilities have been provided . He said the judge Kara- of – the big gun , and took bribes from hartakartara pabhaoyera .
শৌখিন এই মাদক সম্রাটের রয়েছে নানা ধরনের জুতা। ছবি: এএফপি

The scandal was revealed when the then-Minister of Justice Karla besigalupoke was dismissed. Eva Martinez in his place in the new cabinet announced over the action. He said, “We’re going to crush pabhaoyera cell. At the same time a prisoner in jail for providing such facilities will be taken against the managers. ”

Special police units are now under pabhaoke in a cell. There are about three thousand prisoners in this prison takumbu, which is twice the capacity

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