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Nepal plane crash kills all on board 3 !

The wreckage of the plane was found missing on Wednesday morning in Nepal. Local officials say the twin-engine plane crashed. However, it was not immediately clear how the crash. They fear, 3 rider is no longer alive. With just eight minutes after takeoff from Pokhara control tower was disconnected. 0 passengers and three crew on board the air company that had a total of 3 passengers. One of the passengers were Chinese and one Kuwaiti citizen.

He also said the two children were . Nobody , however, could not be identified immediately on board were killed . Earlier reports said there were passengers on board altogether 1 and BBC news agency AFP . Sanjay Gautam , Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal said that the plane crashed on Wednesday near the village of miyagadi district wreckage was found on the wings .Wednesday morning from Pokhara jomasomera just eight minutes after leaving the plane is missing . Soon after the plane tried to find the missing explorer team. However, due to inclement weather hampered their efforts, as he said to AFP .

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