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For the poor, the rich and powerful have flat bhasanateke

Floating, slum dwellers and low-income poor people a roof over the heads of the government to take over the project got rich and influential. Bhasanateke Mirpur Khas about 50 acres for the project free of charge before the age of one and a half North South Property Development Limited (enaesapidiela) issue. Around 1 in 003 of the 438 buildings listed on easy installments at a low cost flats for slum dwellers were supposed to. However, so far only 18 have buildings, two of which are flat.

Now that all the basement of the building is poorly burst , rain water has seeped through the roof terracing giving . The building has a number of cracks . The apartment jutache poor poor forehead . Each step of the project until the contract has been transferred from the flat widespread irregularities and corruption .Defective contract , did not comply with the terms of the agreement put an end , earning extra money , the allocation of flats for slum dwellers in the name of the actual thakasaha came up with different tactics of corruption and irregularities in the government’s investigation report information .

Recently, under the Ministry of Planning Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) has finalized a report in this regard. IMED According to the report, the agreement with the government broke enaesapidiela scheduled for slum dwellers in flats worth Rs two lakh rupees two lakh 80 thousand has been collected. In some cases, more money has been collected. Œ In addition, low-income people from the area of 3 lakh 55 thousand rupees from 5 to 9 lakh has been collected so far.Companies that ignore the principles of the beneficiaries own flat has been allocated. Œ lower bittadera drinking water supply sector, Rs 150 for 3 billion in cash, slum dwellers and the lower power supply sector œ bittadera scheduled for 50 and 350 dollar monthly earning of Rs 6 per unit is in place. Additional charges are to be paid outside the agreement. The security charge Rs 150, Rs 1 billion charge for building repairs, set up sub-meter high rate of Rs 1 per thousand and various service charges are collected.According to reports, the owner of the contracting command of Abdur Rahim 3 flats occupied by influential people. The company has locked in the possession of more than 3 people. He left the country with a few hundred million Abdur Rahim. Flat with the money they’ve got, they can not register anyone. IMED report has been reviewed, slum dwellers and the homeless a roof over one’s head and to lower the housing projects in 1998 were in the hands of the government.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the housing project at every step of the dream of irregularities and corruption in the contracting firm enaesapidiela. For the poor and low-income people in the city’s Mirpur area of the flat had been looted face. For whom the flat has been built, they did not, the police, politicians, employees, businessmen influential rich. Political influence at every step in the construction of high-rise buildings has taken refuge in corruption and irregularities.From start to finish flat building did not bother with any kind of rules and regulations. IMED says, to build a multi-storey building is the Department of Environment. The housing project did not follow the rules. Before the construction of multi-storied buildings in the capital of Wasa, Titas, City karaporesanasaha other service providers are required to allow agencies. Bhasanateka project management service provider, but also did not take any such permission.Only Capital Development Authority ( commenced ) clearance has been taken . When the project is to verify the financial and technical feasibility . Bhasanateka any financial and technical feasibility of the project , but did not . Officials involved with the creation of the report , bhasanateka area does not have any medical facilities . Outsiders there is free movement .

Buildings do not have gas connections. There is no security wall around the whole area. Playground for children is not. Under the project, the construction of buildings materials used were extremely poor. Plastare good quality construction materials were used in the walls. Doors and windows vulnerable situation. The stairs and the floor is very fragile condition. Storeyed building of a mosque in the area to lying, but it is incomplete.The purpose and goal of the whole project would have failed them, like. According to the Planning Commission, to solve the housing problem of the homeless slum dwellers and the lower Sheikh Hasina’s government undertook a project in 1998 in the first term. “The city and the lower city slum dwellers uprooted a multi-storeyed building on government land resettlement ‘347 crore for the project in May 1998, the Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) approval was given at the meeting.But the project has not yet been bastabayita . It is now for the proper implementation of an engineering cell structure , the functioning of the newly constituted Board of Directors should be concerned about this , experts say .

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