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Qibla was determined that due to the Ka’bah, Allah every Muslim should know

Bait-ul- Muqaddas Qibla accept orders for prayers after the Kaaba in Mecca during Prophet used to pray at the place where the prayers in front of the Kaaba , and both are known Mukaddas .

After the prayers , and thus could not but have migrated . So the Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim as kbibalake ‘s Qibla look forward to the guidance of Allah and the Prophet looked at the sky again and again to pray . Finally, pray for Allah Messenger said with the Qibla direction changes
“Indeed, I can see you again and again to the sky mukhattolana; Then towards the Qibla pheraba you that which you desire, and then you towards the Sacred Mosque (the Holy City of Mecca) turn. And wherever he turn his face towards, and surely those who have been given the Book asamani, the suniscitabhabei they know that it is truth from their Lord. And Allah is not unaware of what they do. “(Surah Al-Baqarah: verse 144)

Qibla baitullahake the context of the verse, Imam Ibn Jarir Tabari rahamatullahi to describe him because of his famous tafsir texts of Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas gave to quote a hadith

Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas narrated the priyanabi Prophet migrated to Medina , he was iyahudi the inhabitants of Medina , Allah commanded him to take the Bait-ul- Muqaddas Qibla . The iyahudira happy .

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