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Russia is building a sixth – generation fighter : Air Force Chief…….

Russian Air Force commander said his country is working to build a sixth -generation fighter . Detailed information , he said , the two versions will be jangibimanera and without a pilot version will be launched .
Russia’s fifth -generation Sukhoi T -50 jangibimanera created when the test was not completed yet , the sixth -generation fighter told of Moscow .

Russian Air Force’s Sukhoi T -50 jangibimanake still not been handed over.
Russian Air Force Commander Col. Gen. bhiktora bondarebha told reporters in Moscow on Wednesday, the sixth-generation and possibly the seventh-generation warplanes are being constructed. However, I can not divulge details. Its research and testing phase of the construction work be stopped if it is not, and never would see the light, he expressed concern.

Chief of the Russian Air Force , who made the sixth – generation jangibimanera the context of the fifth – generation T -50 fighter still do not know much about the man . Unrivaled position in the sky, leaving the battle for sixth or seventh – generation fighter Russia pailatabihina that many are going to build .

Bondarebha in general about the human body , despite the limitations of the technology , and it does not exist. Therefore, without any generation fighter pailatabihina air battles will be able to defeat the enemy . He asked reporters , pailatabihina militants , attack aircraft, bombers , or have the ability to do what ever you can imagine ?

When the sixth – generation test run jangibimanera suspabhabe he could say anything about the Russian air force chief . However, not having anything like that in the next few years , he said .

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