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Sixty-two across the Babita

The domestic film actress . Family and close to the people he Farida Akhter Poppy . His name was at the beginning of cinema , ” subarna . Zahir Raihan ‘ Suraj is burning down ” the film is his name ,” Babita . The Babita as yet he has earned the love of the people at home and abroad . Today ‘s 6 th birthday
On 30 July 1953, the internationally acclaimed actress, was born in Bagerhat district. Parents wanted their daughter to the doctor to come. He was named in the film, inspired by big sister Suchanda. In 1968, Zahir Raihan ‘family’ of his silver screen debut as a child actor in the film. Babita Razzaq played the role of the daughter-Suchanda.
Ray ‘danger signal’ international fame through her role in the film cupid wife Babita.
In a career of more than four decades of rural , urban , or Babita film was flowing all types of social action . Seventies and eighties , he was very popular with young people . His fashion – thinking men and women were affected .
Babita representatives took part in the International Film Festival. Sarao more than half the number of films in which he acted. The ‘maid from the Begum’ (1975), ‘comfort’ (1976), “BG” (1977), “Rama Sumoti ‘(1985) and” insect gharabasati’ (1996), he received the National Film Award as Best Actress for the film .
Babita acted more notable films include “In the end, ” rising Fire ‘,’ light procession ‘
Rara avis’,’ pink train now ‘,’ fair ‘,’ eternal love ‘,’ Lathiyala ‘,’ a handful of rice ‘,’ Fakir Shah ‘,’ Eclipse ‘,’ Now is the time, ” Butcher ” from birth burning ‘,’ pension ‘,’ burning ‘,’ candidasa and rajakini round “,” promise “,” may bring the money, ” notation ‘,’ three daughters, Miss chilli ‘,’ test life ‘,’ life family ‘and’ laili Majnu ‘.
The actress has several film production. According to him, 015 was released in the last son payasaoyala the movie. He even turned down offers several films.
Babita is working on a new film for a long time . Now, with all his engagements and social activities . Canadian troops studied only son , so he often had to go there . The internationally renowned Bangladeshi film actress birthday today . From the first light was his birthday .

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