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Smart is NID voters next month

After a delay of several months until the next national identity card ( enaaidi ) smartcard distribution plans for the new Election Commission ( EC ) . According to the plan , the first step in the formal launch of the Smart will be distributed among the voters of the city .

According to the National Identity Register Wing, 1 million smartcards already been prepared for this purpose. Earlier, director general of the National Identity Registration Desk at Sultanuzzaman said. Saleh Uddin said, has completed preparations for the start of next month smartcard distribution. Packed all the details of the media will be informed in due course. How to be distributed, the final date for distribution of the overall work plan will be highlighted in the media.

Election Commission (EC), according to sources, on January 14 last year to 18 months to 9 million smartcards to create a company with the name of the French abarthara tekanalojisa EC agreement. But more than a year had passed, but the work did not progress much. As a result, the World Bank’s Dhaka office on May 1 this year, 11 and 017 by the end of the review meeting, expressed his concern over smartcard is distributed.Last month, the National Identity Register Wing context of the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Rakib Uddin Ahmed, a proposal was sent, in accordance with the agreement of 9 million has been collected from the card at the abarthara Technologies. The card is ready and scheduled for distribution has been delayed a bit. Which is coordinating the overall preparations for the contracting field, and ID card production needs to be visited.

According to EC sources , over 016 people in June was due to smatakarda EC . But the risk of failure to pay in time before the expiry of the EC does not increase the cost of the project on the condition that it takes eighteen months to December increased to 017 . But this time there was a fear of the people, put an end to the distribution of smartcards.The smartcard production and distribution of urgently needed in order to receive the EC urged the Economic Relations Division ( ERD ) . World Bank -supported ” enahyansim Identification System for Access to Services ‘ ( aidiie ) 017 project is scheduled to end in December . The project is being prepared under the smartcard .According to the EC, the World Bank last month, a delegation visited the smartcard project was monitoring the overall situation. Prior to the announcement of the distribution of more than one of these cards, but it was unable to implement the EC. According to EC officials, the President or the Prime Minister may be inaugurated next month smartcard distribution. The goal is to take the necessary preparations.

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