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Tips to get rid of black spots on the face before going to bed at night !

Spots , acne scarring or other reasons being , it is not fit at all with your beautiful face black spots . Ugly black spots that beautiful face is dirty . Apply a cream , parlor had treatment does not work? Be quick to get rid of facial spots , then this is the way . Last night, this little bit rupacarca . Within a few days the face will start to blur together .

Tips to get rid of black spots on the face before going to bed at night !

What do you use ?

We will use lime to remove facial spots. If you see a little of the anti-spot cream lemon speaks fairness. For one, lemon acts as a natural bleach. The lime will do the makeup at night only because the reaction of sunlight on your skin can. The heat of the sun or at night makeup is not likely to damage the skin and the skin is completely purged for 8-10 hours.

What to do ?

The two methods you can adopt . If your skin is normal , just 5 minutes , then you will have a job to do . If you have dry or sensitive , then take the time to 30 minutes .

Face To clean very well. Wash the face with a towel to remove phesaoyasa.
-if Normal or oily skin, then ripe fresh lemon juice (lemon ripe yellow that is, the Lemon) by applying directly to the mouth of the black spots. Honey can be mixed with a little lemon juice. Then dry days. And go to sleep with the lemon juice. Normal or oily skin should not be a problem. Take off your face in the morning with cold water.

And dry or sensitive skin , then seasoned with lemon juice and honey and mix fuller’s earth . Leave on for 30 minutes to wash the mix . Then wash. Regular use of black spots on the skin will vanish .


After the lemon juice on your skin if you feel any discomfort , then immediately rinse mouth and do not reuse .


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