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You will be notified within 30 days of the symptoms of heart attack risk

You will be notified within 30 days of the symptoms of heart attack risk

Diseases of heart attack in men, which is purely a misconception. Both men and women living at risk of this disease. However, signs of a heart attack, women and men are different. 1 month before the women even began to see signs of a violent heart attack. These symptoms may be seen in your midst, immediately consult a doctor immediately. Because the symptoms of a heart attack within the next 30 days that you are at risk!
1 . The most important signs of a heart attack, breathing trouble . If you have trouble breathing , nausea is often suffocate the doctor immediately . Respiratory and cardiovascular system are dependent on each other . If the heart gets less blood , less oxygen gets to the lungs . The result stopped breathing , heavy breathing or difficulty breathing .
II. Pesiguloke body muscle or feeling weak , servile work hard to be the second sign of the possibility of a heart attack . Decreased blood flow to the body, which means more oxygen into the Body . As a result, the body’s muscles and weakness felt just does not work like that .

3. Dozing , and the cold sweat ,

the sweat is no reason to be a very important sign. If you sweat without hard work or dozing from time to time , if at all , do not neglect . Breathing difficulty sleep , woke up and saw that everywhere was sweating , and events take very seriously .
4. The fourth sign is felt pressure in the chest. pressure due to narrowing of coronary artery chest pain may be felt or pressed. This pain “gas pain” (which most people do) Do not avoid it. Please consult a doctor immediately. Your body, will take care of to you. Advance signs of any disease to the body. These symptoms can be largely risk-free to be able to understand.

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